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Here is a collection of movies and short animations I've created in various classes or studios using a variety of 3D programs ranging from Google Sketchup to 3D Studio Max and even Maya. You can see more of my 3D and graphic design work by viewing my architectural project galleries.

Shanghai World Financial Center Animation

Shanghai World Fianancial Center Animation
2004 - Maya

I made this in the Architectural animation course I took for my Fall 04 semester at WSU. It turned out very well and it's one of my favorite CG animation to date.

AVI | 12 MB

Rockstar Project Animation

Rockstar Project Animation
2004 -ArchiCAD

My second year architectural studio final. It was my first experience with the ArchiCAD software. It came out well, despite ArchiCAD's polygon render appearance. The goal of the project was to design an exotic house on a cliff as a rock star's retreat.

See the gallery for this project on my Architecture page.

WMV | 9.14 MB

T Scare

T-Scare Animation
2004 -Maya

This was a cooperative project I made in a Maya animation class at WSU in 2004. It was a short, architecture-themed animation that was designed to get us familiar with the Maya software.

AVI | 4.78 MB

Fish Animation

Shanghai'd Fish Animation
2004 - Maya

Created in a Maya animation course I took at Washington State University back in 2004. For this short, we were tasked with using objects from a previous architectural animations (the SWFC building) and incorporating it into an animation involving fish or aquatic life. It's a bit of a strange scenario to be given, but this was my result.

WMV | 8.9 MB

Mad Cat Animation

Mech Animation
2004 - 3D Studio Max

This was my final project for the DigiPen 04' workshop. It was pretty complex for me at the time and I didn't get enough time to put the finishing touches on. However, I'm happy with how it turned out.

WMV | 11.37 MB

Amazing Ant Animation

Amazing Ant Animation
2011 - 3D Studio Max

I took a 3D Studio Max continuing education course where the final product was to create a video in a short period of time who's goal was to convey the phrase "Wow, that's amazing!". This was the result of my efforts.

WMV | 2.95 MB

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