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"A successful website is the seamless combination of function and design."

I began building websites during my early years in high school. It started like many do, with a primative and simple design. I got hooked and, over time, my designs slowly evolved as my understanding of HTML, then later, XML and CSS advanced. This website is the latest, but here are past and present designs that I have created for private or student groups.

UI Bemani Club

Bemani Club at the University of Idaho

This design was created for the Bemani Club at the University of Idaho. This club participates in rhythm and music video games. As such, the appearance of this website was designed to mimic Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, a popular dancing music game played by the group. A screenshot of the menu in DDR Extreme can be seen here for comparison.

Arkana's Wake

Arkana's Wake Indie Game

My friend requested a website to use as the online news board for his upcomming XBox Live Indie Game, Arkana's Wake. The game is set in a mythical, medieval fantasy world. The design chosen for the splash page was my attempt to reflect the world of the game without being too overt with the details of the game.

The content page allows the developer to post news updates easily to the main page, while also allowing easy navigation and other, as yet undetermined features to be added around it. The website was never completed, because the game has been put on a indefinite hiatus.

Scott's Website

Scott's World

During my freshman year of college I had an art class which required me to create a website about myself. This website was intended to help the viewer understand the personal side of the creator. Things to emphasise were; your hobbies and interests, pets, families, and future goals. I focused my site's design around my love of video games, and tried to emulate this in it's appearance. I featured a "character select" option on the front page which featured my "avatars" used in various games I played at the time.


Techno Hut

The Techno Hut v6.0

The Techno Hut was the first serious website I ever created, back in 1998. Over the years, the Techno Hut has undergone multiple makeovers and demographic shifts. Currently, it serves as a portal site called The Techno Hut Network, which hosts websites for friends and myself. The most recent revision to the Techno Hut 's design was in 2006.

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