Power Trip


Bring It On


Scene 1: (camera faces office wall, a desk w/ a TV entertainment system, are foreground, various office items lie on or around the desk. TV screen takes up the majority of the scene, TV is off. RC and Shad are off camera)


Shad: So what’s this, exactly?


RC: It was on last night, I recorded it.


Shad: Porn?


RC: I wish.



Scene 2: (same as scene 1, but TV screen is “on” displaying the corp. logo “Nokaido” under which is written “DVD-RE System”)


Shad: Really, what is it?


RC:  Don’t you watch TV anymore?


Shad: Only bad stuff.


RC: What if it’s bad stuff about us.



Scene 3:  (An opposite view of scene 1-2, showing Shad and RC sitting on a sofa w/ coffee table in front, an M-4 field striped rest on the table, the top edge of the TV is in the bottom foreground of the scene. On the rear wall behind Shad and RC are 2 decorative wall lamps (dimmed) w/ a mounted poster between them, centered above sofa. Poster is of GOP logo, until better idea, or further notice)



     Hello and welcome to the show. Tonight’s list focuses on the fastest growing segment of the services industry, the Tactical Mercenary division, the newest form of Corporate Security measure.


Shad: Is this about the new ranking, finally?


RC: Just Watch.



Scene 4: (side profile view of RC and Shad on the sofa. Window w/ blinds is in background. Shad twirls a handgun around because he’s board)


TV: Missing from the list this season are the Russian group “Kurishinkov Stratsvitsia” or “Hello Rifle” in English, because of an incident involving….


RC: I’ll fast-forward it.



Scene 5: (same as scene 4 Shad stops twirling gun, an amused look crosses his face.)


Shad: Boom! Look at that guy fly


RC: Here, (A “click” sound comes from RC’s remote)


TV: …. Which left every member of the group either burned to death, or phased out of this reality, scientist are still attempting to find their bodies… And at the very Bottom of the list, in the 500th slot are the California based “Guardians of Paradise”



Scene 6: (same setting as scene 3. Shad has stood up in rage)


Shad: What!


TV: founded by a group of un-employed, self-proclaimed, slackers. The group’s lack of any major contracts, clients, or even mildly interested parties for that matter, continues to….


RC: I’ll stop it there, you already know the rest.



Scene 7: (similar to scene 3, but a closer view of Shad and RC on sofa)


Shad: We got to get on the phone and call them.


RC: Mike already did.


Shad: And…


RC: And they’ve agreed to re-evaluate us, when they publish the next ranking list.


Shad: Which is?


RC: 11months from Friday, two weeks from now.



Scene 8: (similar to Scene 4. Shad looks very distressed, hands grabbing his head, et cetra)


Shad: Ah!… Uh!… Oh!… uhhh… So fucking typical.


RC: Only to us, and all who associate with us.



Scene 9: (Shad and RC are walking out of the back room (towards camera) the Title of “Private” is on the door of the room they came from. They are walking into the main reception area, (from background of scene). In Foreground Mike sits behind a receptionist desk (in profile) w/ legs up and magazine unfolded in “Play Boy” centerfold style. Mike looks quite content, Shad looks pissed off, RC, looks indifferent)


Shad: So, head count. Who knows exactly what we just got through doing?


RC: Well, You, Me, Mike there, and Mr. Plastik in the back… Oh, and a couple of million Argentineans.



Scene 10: (Over head shot of Mike at his desk, in same position, Shad and RC are standing in front of him now. Mike kick’s a different magazine (face up) across his desk to the Two of them.)


Mike: And all subscribers to GFN. Fresh off the digital presses.



Scene 11: (Close up on Global Forum News (Light Text Digital Magazine). Title articles States “Revolutionaries: The epic struggle to freedom in Buenos Aries, from behind the lines with the “Guardians of Paradise”… Exclusive!    Cover is artist choice (you), until further notice.)



Scene 12: (Camera looks up from the magazine’s perspective at RC and Shad who are looking down at it. A surprised look crosses both of their faces.)


RC: Must be a slow news week.



Scene 13: (RC picks up Magazine Both Shad and RC are examining it up close in a forward shot.)


RC: I knew it was a good idea not to kill that reporter.


Shad: “Revolutionaries”?


RC: Since we won, it’s Revolutionaries. If we had lost, it would have been Terrorist.



Scene 14: (similar to scene 9, but Shad is turning around to walk away, while grabbing the Magazine out of RC’s hands)


Mike: Shall I give you the rundown?


Shad: No, I’ll read it in the head… Hey, what else is on this LTD?



Scene 15: (forward shot of Mike in chair (same position w/ centerfold blocking his face)


Mike: What’s the number?


Shad: LTD #1


Mike: GFN, Maxim, Wired, and Powers Financial. If you want “Hustler” “Barely Legal” or “Club Hentai” you’ll wait for me to finish with #4


Shad: That’s OK.



Scene 16: (Similar to Scene 9, RC is standing alone in the Background. Shad is gone. RC, has a sarcastic inquisitive look to himself, Mike is unchanged)


RC: Is this what we pay you to do all day?


Mike: You don’t pay me very much; I’m here for the fringe benefits.


RC: What Benefits? We don’t have dental, and “you” are the hot secretary.



Scene 17: (similar to scene 15, RC is walking into the frame)


Mike: LTD’s #4 thru #9 come with more free porn than I can ever consume, and they’re updated on the 1st of every month.


RC: Doe’s your Girlfriend know about this.


Mike: It’s a little agreement we have. I don’t come home with out a job, and she doesn’t make any disturbing finds in my sock drawer.


Scene18: (an opposite view of scene 17, RC is to Mike’s right, looking over his shoulder)


RC: A relationship has a degree more “give and take”. Katie sounds less like a partner, and more like a dictator.


Mike: A dictator who promises not to abuse her peasants, as long as they don’t piss her off.


RC: You’ve officaly achieved the rank of. Sackless.


Mike: Say’s the only bachelor… in the room.



Scene 19: (a close up view of the Hentai centerfold Mike has been examining, still being held up by Mike.


RC: Hentai Mike?


Mike: Ya, when your porn supply is limitless, you start craving the un-obtainable. In other words perfection.


RC: Perfection, That’s what you call the School Girl and… Phallic Monster.  



Scene 20: (Similar to scene 15. RC is standing behind Mike looking over his shoulder, mike drops down the magazine, and looks up to RC.)


Mike: Ya, she gets it like five times before making it home, only too get it again from every member of her family, including the penguin.


RC: Man it’s a really bad day, when even the penguin screws you… And it’s captured in full motion video.


Mike: We pay extra for that feature, audio included.



Scene 21: (similar to Scene 9, both RC and Mike are in Profile, Mike has re-raised his Magazine, is still looking back at RC, RC is looking at Mag.)


RC: You do realize that this is all the imagination of another sexually starved man, and in all reality, you’re just pleasuring yourself to his fantasy.


Mike: Man, I’ve seen you look at this shit before. So if you’re insinuating that I’m secretly gay because I can whack it to another man’s drawings… then… Then you sentence yourself to homosexuality, as well.  


RC: Duly noted... And good save.



Scene 22: (A new view with the coffee table in reception area (directly in front of Mikes desk) in fore ground, two magazines are on top.  Mike’s desk w/ Mike at it, are in the Background. RC is standing in front of the desk, with an Arm pointing to the table, his head tilted back to Mike. He looks pissed)


RC: Wait; including the LTD in the hole with Shad, I only count two on the table.


Mike: And…


RC: And you said we have a 4 thru 9, minus the one in your hands. So where are the other four?



Scene 23: (Overhead shot similar to Scene 10, RC is facing Mike, he still looks indifferent)


Mike: A safe place.


RC: Sock drawer?


Mike: Kristian would kill me if she found them in there. They’re in her Car trunk, under the spare tire. The one place she’d never look.



Scene 24: (similar to Scene 9, Ryan is now behind the desk, walking back to the door marked “private” 1 arm raised to express his point.)


RC: So you’re the reason we have a $400 magazine subscription bill! That’s it Sackless! I’m cutting your salary to match the difference.


Mike: Duly noted, and fuck you.



Scene 25: (profile shot of RC returning to his “private” office his arm is extended to begin opening the door.)


RC: Hold my calls, and tell me when Shad gets done taking a shi…



Scene 26: (copy of scene 25, but a bright flash and a loud “Boom!” come in from off camera. RC has a very surprised look on his face, but otherwise doesn’t move.)



Scene 27: (Identical to Scene 25, but RC is now walking towards the camera, he looks very agitated.)


RC: Jesus H. Christ on a Fucking Rubber Crutch! Do I have to take care of every one around here!… Mike, Call the burn unit, I have to check to see if Plastik blew himself into hamburger, or not.


Scene 28: (similar to scene 9, but with RC walking towards the Right. Mike sits up slightly to use the phone head set. He is still reading the Mag.)


Mike: System connect, Emergency Trauma Ward…  Yes I’ll hold.


RC: (addressing no one) This is why we don’t have Dental… Shit like this!



Scene 29: (Close up shot of Shad using rest room (from upper body) while reading LTD. Small window is overhead)


Shad: Wow, they even spelled my last name right, two P’s.



Scene 30: (similar to Scene 29, but like Scene 26, a bright flash and loud boom are heard, coming from the over head window.)



Scene 31: (identical to scene 29, RC’s rantings are filtering in from the outside, Shad rolls his eyes at the situation)


RC: (diffused) Jesus H. Christ on a Fucking ….  Do I have to take care of…


Shad: S.S.D.D. we’re definitely losing the security deposit.



Scene 32: (Back Door to outside (behind office), flies open. RC bares a stern disposition)


Scene 33: (similar to scene 32, but camera view is more withdrawn, revealing more of the doorway and building. An intern runs from left of scene to the right, past the doorway, part of his upper body is on fire. RC stares at the screaming grunt.)


Intern: It burns! It burns!



Scene 34: (Panoramic view of the end of the Alley behind office (from the end the intern came running) RC is seen to the right of the scene, sticking his head out of the door way to examine the situation. At the end of the Alleyway, a small (20 story) Mushroom cloud is rising)



Scene 35: (Same Background as Scene 34. RC is now looking towards the camera. We hear the intern from off camera)


Intern: Sir! Put me out! Put me out!



Scene 36: (background is the opposite end of the alley, Plastik is running towards the camera w/ a fire extinguisher. Camera angle is slanted to show action of the scene)


Plastik: Stand still!



Scene 37: (Close up shot on intern (still burning) he looks in pain)


Intern: Oh! Thank You Si…



Scene 38: (Same style shot as Scene 37, Intern is struck very hard in the head by fire extinguisher being swung from left to right (loud Thwack!!) Plastik is off camera, only his blunt object can be seen.)



Scene 39: (Camera is looking up at Plastik, (from view of intern, who has fallen to the ground) Plastik holds a fire extinguisher in his right hand, and is pointing down acusedly with his left. He looks angry.)


Plastik: Now maybe you’ll learn from this! When you work for me…



Scene 40: (A closer shot on Plastik’s face from Scene 39, his facial expression looks more angry.)





Scene 41: (Same style of shot, as previous scene. Plastik is turning away, but he is glancing at the still flaming intern. He sneers, like “ow, that must really hurt”)



Scene 42: (Shot of Plastik walking back to “Destro’s Head”, same background as Scene 34)


Plastik: Now roll around till you put yourself out… and take the rest of the day off, you look terrible.


Intern: Uhhh… Thank You…. Sir….


Scene 43: (back ground is of fading mushroom cloud. RC is several feet away approaching plastik. Who is in the foreground looking directly into the camera)


RC: That’s the 3rd one this week.


Plastik: They’re interns, they’re free.



Scene 44: (Profile view of RC (on the right of scene, who is closer to plastik now) and Plastik, who has turned to face RC. Cinder block wall of the backside of the alley is in background, has graffiti of assorted kind. “Project Mayhem” is the most prevalent tagline.)


RC: These spoiled little bastards have lawyer parents, who are looking for a crusade to justify their pointless existence as a tic on society’s ass. That, nine times out of ten, means bitching to me, as to why I let they’re little baby get slapped around by the big angry black man.


Plastik: Hey, I resemble that comment.



Scene 45: (same as Scene 44, only now Plastik bares a contemplative look, RC looks a little more agitated)


RC: either start treating them better, or we’re switching back to hobos. Do you remember Bo Jangles, his malt liquored, urine soaked, knife-shanking, crazy ass spirit still lingers back here.


Plastik: I was wondering what that smell was.


RC: I mean it.



Scene 46: (Same as scene 44, Plastik is pleading his case, RC’s not buying it)


Plastik: Hey, didn’t I just send Smokey home. Don’t I get some props for that?


RC: Not after working him as “human clay-pigeon”


Plastik: No, that was an incentive, and a confidence builder.



Scene 47: (Shot is only of Plastik, looking into the camera. RC can be heard from off camera. Plastik has a smile, and looks happy to share his methods)


RC: How is that an incentive, and a confidence builder?


Plastik: If he doesn’t hit himself with a laser he’s calibrated “incentive”.  I’ll have “confidence” in him.



Scene 48: (shot is of Shad stepping out of the back door, same phrase “G.O.P. MERC. SERVICES. AUTHORIZED PERSONEL ONLY” can be seen on the wall to the left. Camera is at a slight angle, close to RC’s and Plastik’s view)



Shad: I miss the days of old paper magazines, especially when we’re out of TP.


Scene 49: (Shot of RC in foreground (to the left), and Plastik (to the right) in background, relative to their previous positions, both have a blank inquisitive looks on their faces)


Scene 50: (same as scene 48, Shad is wiping his hands together)


Shad: What?


Scene 51: (exact same as scene 49, only now RC’s mouth is slightly open)


RC: Umm… How?...


Scene 52: (similar to scene 48, only a closer view on Shad)


Shad: Mike had a load of wet naps in his desk, I didn’t ask why.


Scene 53: (shot of Shad walking towards RC. RC is off camera)


RC: What about the article, what did they have to say about us?


Shad: It was a very well written portrayal of our exploits. How we liberated a freedom loving people from oppressive dictatorship.


Scene 54: (shot of RC and Shad together similar to an opposite view from scene 44 the back wall of the office can be seen, a tool bench from Daniel’s workings can be seen between the two characters. RC is to the right, Shad to the left. Shad has his hand behind his head Tenchi Muyo style)


RC: Yes, but did they get that little accident at the end with all the missiles?


Shad: Well they glossed over most of that part, but who could really blame us, I mean...  Well we’re heroes and that’s all that matters.



Scene 55: (shot similar to the set-up of Scene 54, background has lower lip of Destros head, maybe an intern or two working. Shad, RC and Daniel are in the shot, in that order from left to right.)


Plastik: what’s this about?


RC: Never mind, I’ll tell you later. Now explain what you’re trying to accomplish, and why you accidentally exploded the KFC down the street.



Scene 56: (close-up shot on Plastik, standing in from of Destros head, commanding presence)


Plastik: Ok I’ll only explain this once, so try keep up. Basically both eye lasers shoot a powerful beam of death, as you’ve already seen. But they’re intended to focus together on a single point, a roughly 3’ zone, that gets hit with blazingly hot fuck-you-up power, capable of killing everything from man, to piss-ant. Including, but not limited  to battle tanks,  aircraft carriers, Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, et cetra.



Scene 57: (Over head shot (pigeon POV) of the 3 characters, and front of the face of destro.)


Plastik: It did this duel focusing action by running the targeting data from both eyes through the mech’s computer and triangulating the distance, then the actuators adjusted both eyes accordingly.


Scene 58: (shot of Daniel (facing slightly right of the camera, but fully facing the head) bending down to examine some analyzing piece of equipment, a laptop on a tool cart, connected to a bunch of cables running back to the head, Shad is standing behind him (in background right. RC is barely visible on left of shot.)


Shad: So what’s wrong?


Plastik: the Mech’s computer, road shotgun with the Mech’s pilot


Shad: Uh-oh.


Plastik: Exactly, since the mech’s computer, pilot, and most of its upper torso were blown into a smear on the front lawn of El Presidenta’s palace. 



Scene 59: (similar to scene 58, but shot is taken from right of plastik, and at his eyelevel, RC can be scene in the background)


RC: So that’s what you’re doing, trying to create a new system to run it?


Plastik: “Trying” being the key word. I got these interns working round the clock to get the OS built. I promised that only one letter of recommendation will be given, going to whoever builds it. Smoky was a little more confident than these other incompetent wussies.



Scene 60: (shot taken from about 30’ from the other end of the alley, a big red target is painted on the ground. All three characters and the head are in the background.)


Shad: Confident?


Plastik: We have about five OS’s, but to be sure that they don’t make a lemon, I require them to test it in a no-fire, full target acquisition test, using themselves as the acquired target. This last guy was the only one brave enough to stand on the big red dot.


Scene 61: (Shot of Plastik examining a panel (from about 1’ behind the panel) on one of the control boxes connected to Edstrom’s head. Shad and RC are in Background, peering over his shoulder)


Plastik: Today’s test proved that Edstrom’s head is still cross-eyed, and scrawny, rich, white boys are surprisingly flame resistant.


Scene 62: (side shot of scene 61 (from right) only shows Plastik, who has flipped up the panel, like a car hood. He looks very displeased w/ the stream of smoke that rises out.)


Scene 63: (same as scene 61, plastik has closed the panel looks mildly enraged)


Plastik: That little bastard fried the mother board… and both processors… and broke my neon case light…  How the… Uhh!  Son of a bitch!


Scene 64: (shot of Shad and RC standing side by side, Shad has a hand up to calm Plastik, RC is looking down at his cell phone that is ringing)


Shad: Well maybe this is a sign that you should put this hobby on hold, at least until we get some more contracts in.


RC: Hold on, I’m getting a call.