This is my 11 year old golden retriever, Taffy. My family and I are huge fans of the golden retriever breed and this is the second dog we've had in our family in my lifetime. Taffy is a great dog and her age hasn't stopped her from being cute and needy as if she where a puppy. Taffy is a bit of an oddball though, she drinks out of our swimming pool instead of her water bowl, and she has an addiction to tennis balls.

See, told you she was still a cutie!

And here're my family's invincible goldfish. Why do I call them invincible? Because these fish are the same goldfish I bought when I was in middle school many many years ago. Now, most people tell me goldfish don't live much past a couple years, but these suckers have grown about six inches long, and seem to survive pretty darn well. Go goldfish go!