Next to video games, Dance Dance Revolution is my favorite thing to do with my free time! I got into DDR in August of 2002. Since then I've been playing quite a bit, both at the arcades and at my house on my Play Station 2. This could also go under the Virtual Reality section because technically this is a video game, but I personally feel that it is much more than that. Dance Dance Revolution requires great reflexes, agility, and endurance to play, especially at the higher difficulty levels. I am considered to be a great player, not the greatest, but I'm roughly the second best player in the Pullman/Moscow area, and I go by the nickname SUKO on the high score board.


This is a DDR parody I made. These are characters of my friends and I from Ragnarok Online playing Dance Dance Revolution. - Click image to watch a movie

Click the image to view a movie clip of me playing DDR.

Click to watch a movie of me moving!