Here's the most common thing you will find me doing in my free time, playing Ragnarok Online. This game is a massive multiplayer online game that incorporates thousands of other players from all across the world into one game which they can play simultaneously with friends and family hundreds of miles away! RO (Ragnarok Online) gives me the chance to interact with my friends and family, even when we're hundreds of miles apart. I real life friends, online friends, and even my own younger brother online that I can hang out with whenever we get some free time.

Ragnarok Online related websites:
Ragnarok Online Official Website
Old Skool Warriors website (my guild's website)


Here's an in-game screenshot of my brother, my friend Daniel, and myself. My character is Sukotto, riding on the giant chicken in the upper left of the image.

RO allows me to play with my younger brother, Mark, who lives in California. Online gaming allows us to hang out together virtually, even though we're miles apart.

Here's a group picture of Maruku (my brother, Mark), Cocaine Brick (my friend Daniel), Sukotto (my character), and Sir_Dodge_Alot (my bro's friend Spencer).

Yet another group shot. This shows me standing with my girlfriend (yes, she's my gf in real life too!) and the rest of my posse!

This is a screenshot of my merchant character (Pot Dealer) standing next to one of the GM (Game Masters) in Ragnarok, her name is God Poing.