Over the years I have done many things as far as employment. My first job I took was an after school tutoring job at a local elementary school that my Mom worked at. I stayed after until 4:30 PM helping 3rd graders improve their reading skills. The kids absolutely loved me because I was the only male teacher there and I was also a lot more loose and care free than most of the other tutors.

After I graduated from high school I was hired by a architect who I knew from my years in the Boy Scouts of America. He wanted to offer me a chance to get my feet wet into the architectural field, and he offered me a job for the summer. I took the job until I went back to school that fall at my local community college.

After that I worked for a few companies doing miscellaneous jobs helping a company setup their network, helping someone build a website, or other minor things such as these.

In 2001 I started working for Dean Larsen who ran a small roofing systems engineering company. I was hired to use AutoCAD 2000 to draw computerized drawings of roofs, details, and other things which he needed drawn. I worked at his office until I had to leave in summer of 2003 to come up to Pullman, WA to attend school.

As of now I am unemployed and seeking work preferably at a job working with computers or electronics.