School here at WSU is keeping me very busy lately. With finals coming to a close, I thought it'd be a great idea to show everyone my classrooms. These are the places I spend hours each week mindlessly slaving over homework or other menial task (except for FA 332, that class is ALWAYS entertaining!).

First things first. To do my work, I first need to get to my classrooms. How do I do that? Well, I got two means of transportation.

Big surprise right? I know, almost everyone takes the bus to school, me included. This is the way I get to school 90% of the time.

Ahhh, my beloved L337 G33P. It's was named by one of my retarded friends who spelled Jeep with a G and 3's for E's. Confused yet? Good.

Anyways, my friend's retarded L337 speak slang stuck and now most of my friends and I call my 97' Ford Explorer the "L337 G33P". I mostly use my Explorer to take my projects or other large things to school so they don't get crushed or destroyed on the bus

Here's the Architecture building, Carpenter Hall.

I actually don't spend as much time here as most of my fellow Arch students. I spend hours building models and working on drawings just like them, but I have a better place to work on these than inside this building.

Here we have my computer science lecture class. This is where I spend many hours trying to fight off sleep while paying attention to a subject nearly as tedious as mathematics.

Here's the hallway inside the Fine Arts building. Right down this hall and to the right is my FA 332 class which I'm making this site for!

Walla, here is the place I work the most. This is where I do almost all my homework and architecture projects. My bed makes a very comfy place for me to sit and create my architectural models and other things. Only problem is it really kills my back after a few hours of hunching over working on something.

The reverse direction of my room. Here's the other half of my workspace. My computer is invaluable to me in writing papers, programming assignments, and making web pages, like this one!