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Robotech: Second Edition


This is where it all began. I originally made my first Robotech skin back in 98 (I think), I later upgraded it with cleaner craftsmanship and re-uploaded it to Winamp.com. It got so many downloads that it quickly climbed to the top 20 anime skins. It has received almost 300k downloads since its debut and is my pride and joy. If you're a Robotech fan, you'll realize that there're aren't too many Winamp skins out there which better represent Robotech than this one.

Naru Narusegawa


Love Hina is one of my most favorite animes of all time, but the manga is perhaps the best I've ever read. After getting through the Love Hina story I was inspired to create this (in my opinion) very beautiful skin. It's highly functional and makes a great portrait of Love Hina's main female character, Naru.