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Marauder (Out of Production)
Finished on:

Here's the second of my duo of favorites. The Original Battletech Marauder was actually stolen/barrowed/licensed from the Robotech (Macross) TV series. Robotech just happens to be my favorite anime of all time, and believe it or not, I didn't even know the Marauder had anything to do with Robotech until after I was a die-hard fan of both. In the Macross series, the Marauder (referred to as an "Officer's Battle Pod" a.k.a. Glaug) was painted with the scheme you see on the miniature. Naturally, I gave my Battletech mini the proper Macross paintjob that the design was barrowed from.


Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) [resculpt]
Finished on:

The Timber Wolf and Marauder are by far my favorite mechs in Battletech. The Mad Cat is undeniably the superior machine, however. So when painting this I wanted to make sure I did this right! I went for a camo pattern on this one. I gave it a dark brown base color with khaki colored lines marks running all over the mech. It came out looking fantastic. The overall look and details on this mini look great and I'm glad I was able to give one of Battletech's most famous mechs a proper paintjob.


Finished on:
Here's an old classic, the Jaggermech. This one came out better than I planned. Like the Zeus, I intended to give this mech a woodland camo, which came out great. The mech is painted in green, brown, and tan, with all three colors meshing together very well. I couldn't decide which affiliation to give this one, so I left it without any unit markings.

Finished on:

I wanted to give this one a smoky gray camo pattern with red highlights. That ended up being exactly what I did. I applied Draconis Combine emblems to the upper arms and the left leg. I'm not too pleased with how this one came out, but it's still better than most of my older minis' paint jobs.

Finished on: 9-29-04

This Zeus was my second drybrush attempt and turned out really good. I wanted to give it a woodland or rolling hills camo pattern, but by the time I finished applying the green base paint over the black primer, it looked pretty darn good as it was, so I left it at that. I added the grass to the base, which gives the miniature a great sense of realism. I added the House Steiner logo to the left shoulder and right knee of the Zeus. I also added a #97 on it's right shoulder, designating it's unit number.


Marauder IIC [reseen]
Finished on: 9-12-04

This was my very first attempt at drybrushing. I felt it came out really well. The Marauder has always been one of my favorite battlemechs and I was very pleased at how cool the new Marauder IIC figurine looks. I painted this one in a simple desert paint scheme for my first drybrush attempt. I gave it a khaki base color over the entire mech, then I added gray-blue highlights across the mechs' arms, torso, and body. I also added a Clan Wolf insignia on the main body and a unit number "67" on it's legs.