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Finished on: 12-29-05

Before the Axeman came around, there was it's smaller brother, the Hatchetman. I've never actually been fond of this design for actual gameplay. However this miniature was my bro's from years back and over time was basically assimilated into my collection when he lost interest in the Battletech board game. It was originally painted rather poorly, so I stripped it clean and gave it a new paint scheme. My goal was to create a scheme that looked like a mercenary or perhaps even a privately owned battlemech, something non-affiliated. In my opinion, it was a success and the turned out rather well.

Fire Moth
Finished on: 12-20-05

Everyone's favorite speed demon. The firemoth should have a special place in the hearts of all those who played MechWarrior 2. This little guy is a staple battlemech in the Clan armies and I just had to get one. Unfortunately, the paint scheme turned out extremely boring. It's a flat gray with insignia and numbers on the thigh-gaurds of the mech. Pretty basic stuff...I guess one could stretch to say it's painted as a training mech.

Finished on: 11-12-05

The paintjob of my Warhawk mini seemed to look so appropriate on the Jade Falcon clan mech that I just had to create more with a similar paint scheme. This is the second of my Jade Falcon desert camo mechs. Again, it turned out extraordinarily well and I am very pleased with it.

Battlemaster (Out of Production)
Finished on:
I found this gem on Ebay and wanted to make it look awesome. I went with a very old-school paint scheme. It almost looks like something from the original Gundam and somehow it appears very fitting. The colors work a lot better together than I anticipated and the 'jewel' effect I tested out with this guy turned out fantastic. Since this guy I've been incorporating a jeweled cockpit into all my minis when possible.

Ark Raven
Finished on: 9-12-05

Here's my first attempt at a custom mini. This mech is a non-official design that I created. I used the body of a resculpted Catapult and other parts of various mechs and vehicles to create this design. I love the MadCat but wanted to make an Inner Sphere version, and since the Rhakshasta battlemech really sucks, I made this. I think it rocks and if anyone has any interest, just email me and I can send you a mechworks file for the stats of this design. It's actually a very efficient and incredibly economical design. I guess one can liken it to the AK-47 of battlemechs.

Finished on: 9-6-05

Not a whole lot to say about this one. It had a really awful paintjob on it, so I decided to strip it and start all over again. With this mech I wanted to make another urban warfare camo scheme. So, after my previous success with my woodland camo Atlas, I tried the same technique with urban camo colors. I think it actually turned out very well. unfortunately I was a complete idiot and put the 'urban warfare' mech on a grassy hexbase. Someday I need to go back and place this guy onto something a little more urban than grass.

Finished on:
This Atlas was my first attempt at this particular camo pattern style. Up to this point I have stayed clear of camo (with the exception of a few mechs) because of my fiddiculty in making it look decent. I attended a painting session or two at my local HobbyTown USA and got some camo advice from a few of the guys there. After applying their suggestions I created this bad boy. I think it turned out great and the camo makes it look far more militaristic than any of my previous designs.

Rifleman (Reseen)
Finished on: 1-12-05

This was a very muddled creation paint job. I made it mostly from blind guesses. I wanted to go for an urban look so I used gray as the base coat. I then added what few colors I had at my disposal that would work well for the camouflage  pattern; blue-gray, green, and dark-gray. it turned out decently, but I still need to go back and redo the base of this guy, that neon-green grass is apalling.

Finished on:
This mech has a special place in my heart as my main ride in the great, but short lived, Multiplayer Battletech: 3025. This paint scheme is my improvement to the one found in the game. I also enjoyed creating the surrounding scenery and ground cover on this hex base.

Mad Dog (Vulture)
Finished on:
The Vulture is another one of Battletech's classics. I originally wanted this to be a Jade Falcon mech, but I couldn't find a good spot to put a Jade Falcon logo on this mech, so instead I just gave it a spiffy color scheme and left it at that.

Zeus X
Finished on:
The Zeus X is the same mech found on the cover of the Maximum Tech Battletech manual. It's a semi-ficitonal mech in the Battletech universe that's supposed to be a super-zeus variant. This paint scheme is taken directly from the mech on the Maximum Tech's cover.

Masakari (Warhawk)
Finished on:
I made this paintjob for my friend Thomas Ridgway for Christmas of 04'. I put a lot of effort into it with the brown desert camo scheme and the checkerboard scheme on the shoulders and legs. The detail's on this model are very high. This is probably my best work to date.

Warhammer (Out of Production)
Finished on:
Painted in the same color scheme as the Riffleman, this paintjob didn't have a whole lot of thought put into it. I really didn't want to screw up one of Battletech's most classic mechs, so I did something simple and attractive and I made sure to do it right.

Rifleman (Out of Production)
Finished on:

Yet another design that was taken from the Macross/Robotech series. This is known in the Robotech universe as the Defender, also known as the Rifleman to Battletech players. This paintjob doesn't reflect any particular affiliation with the Macross Saga. I used a dark gull gray for the main color on my Rifleman with added navy blue highlights. I haven't attached this figure to a hexbase yet. When I add the hex base, I will add scrap metal and debris, similar to that found on the Awesome's hexbase.