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Uziel (Lepercon)
Finished on: 5-20-05

This was a custom paint scheme a I made for a friend of mine. His nickname is 'Lepercon' and it gave me inspiration for this scheme. You can see the irish theme with the gold on green and in the large clover I have on the mech's left shoulder. It turned out rather well and it has inspired me to create more mech paint schemes based off some of my friends personas.

Finished on: 3-24-05

One of the most popular battlemechs around, this Thor was painted in my 'classic' Jade Falcon Dessert camouflage. This, like the previous two dessert camo falcon mechs turned out great. The terrain on the hex base itself is also very realistic.

Marauder (Out of Production)
Finished on: 2-12-06

I found this beauty on Ebay and gave it a paint scheme that mimicked my Ark Raven. There is a reason to this, the Ark Raven was a prototype battlemech created by a Mobius Mechwroks. That is why it has the blue-gray paint scheme with caution stripes. As such, this Marauder would be the 'spotter' mech on-field. Much like how test planes have spotter aircraft to follow and monitor them, this marauder would act in a similar role.