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Welcome, my name is Scott Philipp and this is website was designed to allow you to get to know more about me.

Here I will offer some insight about myself and provide a current list my of collected works and achievements. My hope is that through this site, I can offer you a better understanding of myself and my accomplishments, as well as the traits and attributes I believe make me a great candidate for a position on your team.

Professionally, I have a great interest in design of all kinds. I've always loved learning new things in the effort to create compositions that balance functionality and aesthetics to form a complete, exceptional package. I have been working in the architectural and design industry for over a decade. My list of experience includes working with roof engineers, landscapers, and planners. However, the majority of my experience has been in architecture. I have a wide variety of technical skills with many tools used in the profession, including AuctoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, 3D Studio, Adobe Photoshop, and many more. I also have years of experience working with the ADA code, IBC, and communicating with the client, consultants, and city or county jurisdictions.

As for my educational background, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Washington State University in 2007. During my undergraduate education, I also took classes in other disciplines, including the Fine Arts and Computer Science to make myself more versatile and expand my skill set. After graduating from WSU, I went on to the University of Idaho to complete my graduate education. In the summer of 2008, I graduated with my Masters Degree in Architecture. Since then I have been working in the field of architecture.

In my personal life, I enjoy model building, technology, games and a variety of other hobbyist activities. I enjoy cycling when the weather is nice and I also have a passion for aircraft and flight. I'm currently pursuing my architectural license via the Intern Development Program and hope to complete it in the near future.


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