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Rockstar   retreat

Rockstar's Retreat

This house was to be a retreat for the rockstar to go to when he or she wanted to “get away” from the trials of everyday life. The focus on this project was in the design and appearance of the building and our ability to use the ArchiCAD program. Because of this, no floor plans, sections, or elevations were required for this project.

See an animated render of this project on the Animation page.



Glass Artist's Retreat

The Program for this project was to design a retreat for a glass artist who works in Coeur d’Alene, ID. The site was located about an hour away from the city of Coeur d’Alene, on the Saint Marie’s River, near the small town of Santa, ID. The building was to be a retreat for the artist to stay in when he needed to get away from the chaos of the city. The design was required to have a bedroom, kitchen, living room, balcony, restroom facilities, an office or study, and a sauna.


burnside   Graduate Project

Museum of the Printed Word

This project challenged us with the task of creating a museum that would house artifacts related to the printed word. The program was loosely outlined and it was up to the the student’s discretion as to what constituted the “printed word”.



Graduate Project

This was my thesis project for my graduate studio at the University of Idaho. It dealt with the overcrowded conditions of the slums in Mexico City and offered a simple, easy to construct solution for the citizens of Mexico City. This project has been compiled into a thesis design book.

Please download my thesis design book here:

PDF | 42.8 MB


Juanita   Des Moines Vet

Cafe at B83
Redmond, WA

Large-scale cafeteria project for a tech company. The goal was to create multiple food stations, each with their own individual design and menu with social seating areas in-between. I collaborated with the Shell & Core architects, the Interior Architects and the Contractor's PM regularly to ensure the project had minimal issues and was completed on-time and with the design ideals the client desired.



Maple Valley, WA

Dynamik created S’Wiched - a prototype launch of a Multi-Unit concept with a focus on local ingredients and high-level restaurant experience in a Fast Causal operational model. With a layout that provides an experience for both walk-up customers, as well as, mobile customers looking to order off-site and pick-up quickly, the experience is fun and engaging for all ages, is scalable, and adaptable to many different locations.


Juanita   Des Moines Vet

Juanita Veterinary Clinic
Kirkland, WA

This design incorporates a veterinary practice on the lower floors and a second tenant space for an office on the second. The building complies with the 2012 IBC standards and the renders were made using sketchup.



Des Moines Veterinary Hospital
Des Moines, WA

The client had an existing facility that they wanted to update and expand to increase work efficiency and expand their practice. The addition meshed into the existing structure and expanded off the back of the site as a suspended second-story structure. This project required a lot of custom detail work to incorporate successfully with the existing structure.


Sundial   Auburn MOB

Vertical Sundial
Auburn Medical Center

This building was the centerpiece for a new medical center that was being constructed in Auburn, WA. At the heart of the design was this vertical sundial. I researched design principals and the geometry required to make an accurate sundial and specified aluminum design elements to prevent corrosion and weathering. The sundial keeps accurate time and is over 40 ft tall.



Auburn Medical Center
Auburn, WA

This was the centerpiece structure to a new medical facility. We designed the shell and core and lobby space of the structure, including a LINAC (Linear Accelerator) medical equipment facility that was later added onto the north face of the facility. Majority of the CAD work on this project was done utilizing Revit.


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