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Past News and Events:
Bemani Night: Part Duex!

Saturday, February 2nd
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Gold Room in the Student Union Building - SUB Map

The second Bemani Night is here. On Saturday, February 2nd we will be holding this event in the GOLD room of the SUB. You can click here for a map of room locations.

Currently it will go down just like the last event, but this time I'm hoping to have a larger variety of games to play and there will be two tournaments for those of you who are up for a challenge. One will be ITG and the other will be Guitar Hero.

If anyone would like to help me set up this event and/or get supplies (TVs, video game systems, games, etc), then please contact me.

This event is still on-schedule, despite the snowfall!

Welcome Back Everyone!

Our first meeting of 2008!

Thursday, January 10th

Welcome back to school everyone! I just wanted to put up a notice that I am currently trying to finalize the room reservations for the anticipated Bemani Night: PART DUEX!!! I will be discussing the details of this event at the next Bemani Club meeting which is scheduled to be held Wednesday, January 16th in the Sawtooth room of the SUB (the same place it was at last time).

No News, no news?

Tuesday, December 4th

I'm sure that I'm not the only one really busy these last few weeks of Fall semester. With that in mind, I won't be making any Bemai Club plans until the beginning of next year and the start of the Spring semester. So, everyone finish up school on a good note, enjoy your winter break, and we'll see ya next year!

Event: Bemani Night

Saturday, November 10th
7:40 - 11PM

Gold Room in the Student Union Building - SUB Map

I'm getting things organized for Bemani Night, which is coming up next Saturday, the 10th. I'm sending this message out to see who would be willing to help me out in getting things for the event. Mostly I'm looking for help with getting TVs, game systems, and food. I know I'll be able to provide one TV, a PS2, and a XBox 360, but I would like to have at least one or two more televisions there, plus another PS2 for guitar hero and/or Beatmania. If anybody thinks they can help me out by getting any of these things to the Gold Room of the SUB slightly before the official start of the event (which is at 7:45) it would be helpful.

If you think you can help me out. Thanks again everyone. I hope to see you there.

-Scott Philipp-



Event: Challenge Night

October 26th - 7:00 PM

ITG2 Machine in the Wallace Underground

 Challenge night is exactly that; here is how we’d play:

  1. Pick a person to challenge or other people can choose someone for you to go up against.

  2. Other people (not you or your opponent) pick the song you both play.

  3. Other people (not you or your opponent) choose the challenge; examples:

§         Who can get the most greats (Oooo or that might be hard for the accuracy players!)

§         Who can get the higher score per song.

§         Others choose a mod and who gets the better score wins the round.

§         Who can get the highest running combo.

§         Best freestyle; this is your chance to get funky to win and not look like a tard’ doing it…. Err well you’ll still probably look like a tard’.

§         Haiku

§         Any other challenge you can think of to torture others >:D

Winners of each round/game will receive their choice of some awesomely great Halloween candy provided by MERI. And since it’s near Halloween you can dress for the occasion if you want though it is not required.



Recap of First Meeting

October 25th - 6:00 PM

Hello Bemani players!

Yesterday’s first Bemani club meeting went great. Thank you for all of you who attended. We had a new player stop in for the meeting as well as two reporters from the Argonaut were there reporting on our new club. Here is a rundown of what was discussed during our meeting:

1. The idea of a DDR/ITG tournament has been raised: it has been suggested that it happen before Christmas break and that Spokane players be invited. This tournament happening before Christmas break may be too short notice or too difficult to pull off due to finals and everyone leaving for the holidays but it the possibility is still being considered.

 2. Training: Some players have expressed interest in training/help on skills such as crossovers. URZA has made a 4 step Mello crossover step chart which has been pretty helpful to some of the players who just started on Hard mode. Anyone who wants to make step charts to help out other players is encouraged to do so.

2A. Info for Noobs: DANI has expressed an interest in creating a “how to play” poster/board to post somewhere near the ITG machine for new players; a great idea. Anyone want to work on that as well?

 3. Friday “club meetings”: Since many players meet at the ITG machine on Fridays down in Wallace after 7pm anyway, we might be able to designate that time and money spent as a “club meeting” for possible reimbursement… don’t get your hopes up on the money reimbursement though, but we can use it as an unofficial club meeting time none the less and its always open to anyone who wants to come. Bring your friends.

 4. Official club meetings: These will probably happen once a month and Thursdays at 6:00pm sounded like a reasonable time for everyone, just check the website ( or flyers by the ITG machine for meeting dates.

 5. Bemani Nite: A bemani nite is in the works, it will probably include DDR, ITG, Guitar Hero, Taiko Drum Beat, and anything else people suggest. We are thinking that we will rent a space in the SUB with a projector, bring in our cobalt fluxes for the DDR/ITG and bring in TV’s and game systems to make it a fun night for everyone. It has been suggested that Saturday at 6pm is a good day and time, now we just need to pick a date.




October 17th - 6:00 PM

Sawtooth Room in the Student Union Building - SUB Map

Our first official meeting will be held on October 17th in the Sawtooth room in the Student Union Building (SUB). Anyone and everyone who is interested in our club is welcome to attend!

This meeting is primarily for new members to come and see what we're about and see if they'd like to join and participate with our club. The main points on the agenda are to determine who's interesting in participating in the Bemani Club, what roles they would be willing to fill (if any are needed), and I'd also like to start outlining the details for a "Bemani Night" event I'd like to host in November.

Don't forget to check the SUB Map to find the Sawtooth Room.






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