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The following are links related to our club, the University of Idaho, and the Bemani community.


School Related:

University of Idaho Homepage

University of Idaho Student Organizations


Local Bemani Related Media Articles:

UI Argonaut: Club Takes Stress Out of School

UI Argonaut: Group dances their way into becoming a club

UI Argonaut: DDR players find a home in the Rec Center

UI Argonaut: Revolutionary Moves

Daily Evergreen: The CUB provides gaming on campus


Bemani Related Community Sites: (formerly


Stat Trackers / Record Keepers:

Groovestats (Keeps track of your ITG scores and compare them with other players)

DDRecall (Keeps a record of your DDR scores and compare them with other players)

Zenius-I-Vanisher DDR Score Tracker (Regularly updated and maintained score tracker for DDR)


Misc. Sites:

10k Commotion (A DDR Webcomic)

Stepmania Dance Simulator (DDR emulator for your computer)

Flash Flash Revolution (Similar to Stepmania, but through flash player on the web)

Cobalt Flux Dance Pads (Arguably the best home dance pads available)

Red Octane (Makers of the famous ignition dance pads and distributors of Guitar Hero)


How-To Guides:

Converting StepMania Files for r21 Machines (How to get custom songs to work with ITG 2)

Stepmania to ITG Converter (All-in-One program that will convert any SM file for use on ITG 2)




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