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What is the Bemani Club?
arrow Bemani (ビーマニ, biimani) is Konami's music video game division. Originally named the Games & Music Division, or simply g.m.d, it soon changed its name in honor of its first and most successful game, Beatmania, and expanded into other music-based games. The term Bemani can also be used in general reference to rhythm-based video games of different varieties.
The Bemani Club's goal is to promote and organize bemani related events and activities to encouraging active involvement from the players within our community. If you enjoy Dance Dance Revolution, In the Groove, Guitar Hero, Beatmania, or any other music or rhythm based game, you should come check us out.


What Games Do We Play?

If it has music, we probably play it. Our members participate in a wide variety of rhythm based games from DDR, Guitar Hero, and In the Groove all the way to obscure games like DJ Max portable and Taiko Drum Beat. We're always on the lookout for new, fun rhythm games, so if you enjoy a game not on our list, come tell us about it!

Some of the more popular games we have:

Dance Dance Revolution
In the Groove
Guitar Hero
Taiko Drum Master




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